First “Multi Blockchain Games Esport Tournament”

Our team has been invited to MetaCon Global Spider Tank Tournament, which is the first “Multi Blockchain Games Esport Tournament” in the world. The Price pool is $20.000 + NFT rewards will be shared among the best teams. The games will occur in the Dubai World Trade Center between 28-29 May.
The guys fly to the United Arab Emirates on Thursday to take the KAG fame and show them how we play the Spider Tanks in person. Many tiring gaming hours and practicing were the keys to be able to participate in this event.

Team Members: Fana, Wookiehentes, Spoilerr

If we are right, the finals will be live streamed on twitch.
We are dedicated to showing you every tournament moment so that we will share videos, photos, and summaries with you.

Instagram will be the official platform for the tournament, so please follow us to avoid missing any moments.

KAG Instagram: @kripto.akademia.gaming

Have a nice flight and good luck boys!

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