Summary of MetaCon Global Tournament​

Summary of MetaCon Global Tournament.

On the 28-29 of May, we were invited to the first Multi Blockchain Esport Tournament. The place was the enormous Dubai World Trade Center. There were many exciting and impressive projects that could be a big hit soon.

The Kripto Akademia Gaming got an illustrious invite to this event too. The guys have proved many times that currently, in the Spider Tanks, they do not have a challenger. So we hoped many tiring gaming hours would be beneficial for us in the first offline event, and we would be able to show that we are still the best.

Our aim was precise, to get the first prize.
From the first day, they showed outstanding performance during the games.
On the second day, Fana, Wookiehentes, and Spoilerr trio succeeded in winning all games on the main stage. These games were streamed on twitch as well. We were glad because the attendance was higher than average when the Hungarian guys played.

In the Final, we faced BKS from Thailand. Finally, we managed to win the final with 3-0 to achieve more than $7000 and bonus NFT rewards worth $7000 as well.
If we only look at the result, we could think that it was a simple appearance, but it wasn’t. Instead, one of the most sharpened BO5 games was streamed I’ve ever seen.

The Link to the final game from the warming-up(5:45:00):

We’ve had another success. Pesant_Eve(team manager of Kripto Akadémia gaming) was requested to broadcast on the main stage. Like the team, He was also extraordinary.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your congratulations, support, and kind messages. We couldn’t be as successful as we are now without you.

We know we are still at the beginning of our journey, but as we always say…We keep working!

Let’s Go KAG!

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